Imagination with control, not Chaos.

Just A “Small Challenge.” Ever been down the rabbit hole into the microcosm?

Clearly, “mute inglorious Miltons” have created some of these pieces.  If you wish to post pictures; the bar is set. Should you be an egomaniac and feel your art exceeds these poor efforts…seek out a  professional photo art web site…we’uns here in San Antonio are amateurs…hoping to win a little money in up-and-coming contest on this site/blog. We will all have to pay dues in order to achieve our ribbons, plaques and $$$.  $30 per half year is what we are thinking of in headquarters.  The images above may challenge what has been lacking in photo art: imagination; looking into and not past. Choose wisely and yusef will send you $20.




Examine the light behind the subject and forelighing;

Many of these are county fair, prize losers!  But this blog is for we who know our stuff may be worth something….at least to one another.  Every 90 days, depending on how many of you photo artists, think $25 bucks is not much to pay for win a Money prize (If 200 PA”s [Photo Artists]….1/2 of this would go directly to prizes.  I will faithfully post bank statements and list of folks who have paid.  All the above work is my own, JE Rubi, aka yusefbaryeshua,  Most shot in AZ.  Have only been in Texas for a little over a year. Hoping you join up.

Details on how to join PA Association soon to follow.



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