Nightmare Ecstasys with the big “O?”

What the mind sees through the Lens should swoop or  empty a magazine of used up You…depleted uranium 50 mm rounds.

The Image should be looking back at you, before consummation

Paying Homage to Photo-Art Pioneers. We ‘Uns are new at this genre.  (ain’t it cool saying words lke that?! Don’t know but one guy who would probably sue me; but he’s dead.  The guy we bow and scrape to Is:   Chuck “Ramirez.  He Was a commercial artist for the Texas market food chain H.E.B.













    1. No Thank you, Garry. One has known this Jewel of humanity. His website will open even blind eyes and deaf ears…if you have eyes to see and ears to here…haven’t seen him walk on water…yet.


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