What is Photo Art? You be the judge. Famous guy’s work included within…and hearing aid above…sold for thousands.

These are famous pieces by Chuck Ramirez, a late Photo Artist, from Texas. One leave it up to you if you would pay money to buy one of these pieces.  If you are a photo artist that has and eye for beauty and truth behind and before an image or images…please forward to my email address: holyjoe46@gmail.com: Only three of your best.  Have a Panel of Judges to help me pick winners, which will receive ribbons, medals and finally $$$, when we all pony up and form a club with dues.  No more will we be amateurs, but Professionals.  Can you not do as well as below:  Google Chuck Ramirez.  I come to praise him; not to bury him. JER





Remember these pieces sold for big money: the hearing aid, the bottle of dressing, the broom and his nana’s dirty table. They are not the work of this camera bugg.

JER or yusefbaryeshua.blog

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